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Safety and Security

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For Your Safety

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Amnaya Resort Kuta offers the following suggestions for your safety, in the unlikely event of an emergency. Please review the locations of exits, alarms and fire equipment on your floor. A copy of the floor plan is shown on the Emergency Exit Plan on the entrance door.


  1. Please inform the Guest Service Assistant       (0) immediately.

  2. Remain calm.

  3. If you feel comfortable, try to contain the fire by closing window/doors.

  4. A fire extinguisher is available at the end of the floor outside your room

  5. Leave area and go to assembly points (see map).


  1. Ride out the shaking.

  2. If you are indoors, get out quickly.

  3. If you absolutely cannot get out, lie down and curl up in the foetal position next to a sturdy object (day-bed or cabinet).

  4. If you are outdoors, move away from buildings, trees and exposed wires.

  5. If you are in the car, pull over and stop.

After Earthquake/Landslide

  1. If you are inside, exit the building as soon as the shaking stops and move to the assembly points (see map).

  2. If you are outside, do not go inside.

  3. Do not use telephone. Keep the line clear for emergency calls.

  4. Because of debris and broken glass, wear hard sole- shoes.

  5. Be prepared for aftershocks and fire.

  6. If you are injured:
    - Do anything to get attention​
    - Be aware that your regular exit may be blocked

Tsunami Procedure

Following a strong earthquake, a Tsunami can cause damage to coastal areas near the origin of the earthquake, which can cost many lives within a few minutes. As a Tsunami-ready hotel, Amnaya Resort Kuta has the advantage to provide safe assembly points within our building and is located directly opposite Bali’s dedicated Tsunami alarm on Kuta beach. Our staffs are trained to respond to an emergency evacuation of our guests to the Tsunami assembly area.

  1. Bali Tsunami Alarm

  • The Kuta beach tsunami early warning high-pitched, high volume alarm will sound if there is a potential Tsunami threat.

  • The Hotel will issue a public announcement on the Hotel’s Public Address system informing guests to evacuate to the Tsunami assembly point.

   2. Following a Tsunami Alarm Warning Please Follow This Instruction

  • Head for 5th floor, directed by our emergency response system.

  • Listen to announcements from the Hotel, follow the instructions.

  • Our emergency response team will guide you to the Tsunami evacuation and assembly point, located at guest room’s corridor on the 5th floor and garden area above the Bale Gede meeting room.

  • Tsunami evacuation signs also guide you to the assembly area.

  • Follow the green arrows to the assembly area.

  • The green signs indicate you have reached the evacuation point.

Evacuation and Assembly Points

  1. We have provided two evacuation points at the resort as seen on the map hanging behind the room door.

  2. It is important for you to gather at these points as it is our way of ensuring everyone is with us and making a plan for the next step depending on the situation.

  3. Please be familiar with these points.

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For Your Security

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Guest Key Cards

Your key card is programmed especially for you upon your arrival. Because your key card does not indicate your room number, please carry it with you until your departure. Please return all key cards upon check out. If you misplace your key card, or need an additional one, please contact the front desk.


When you do not wish to be disturbed, please hang the “Privacy” sign on your door.


For your convenience and protection, we provide an electronic safe located inside the wardrobe of your room. We strongly advise that all valuables and cash be secured in your safe. Complimentary safety deposit boxes are also available at the lobby. The resort cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of your belongings during your stay.

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