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Sukun Restaurant

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Sukun Restaurant celebrates the diverse flavours of the Indonesian archipelago with a menu driven by island-fresh produce and seasonal specialties.


#1 of 92 Restaurant in Tanjung Benoa


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Romantic Dinner

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For an intimate dining experience shared with someone special, Amnaya Resort Nusa Dua recommends a romantic dinner served at a private table by the pool. Savour a six-course menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine that celebrates the exotic flavours of local ingredients. Only one couple per evening will get to enjoy this exclusive dining privilege. 

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Minimum 2 person

Discover the secrets of the authentic Balinese Traditional Cuisine and enjoy the Sukun Restaurant Megibung, a festive and sumptuous gastronomic experience, originating from East Bali and dating back many centuries. 

Starts with Jamu Kunyit, some freshly brewed herbal healthy drinks derived from ancient recipes. Then, condiments are served with various flavoured Sambal (spicy pastes) and Indonesian crackers. Main courses come in large trays lined with banana leaves and garnished with a mountain of Nasi Sela (sweet potato rice) surrounded by side dishes. Ginger honey lemon drink accompanied by sweets sticky black rice pudding with pinna colada gelato to end this delightful gastronomic ritual.

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